"Food should make you feel sexy," say Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, founders of the popular organic nutritional program, Sakara Life.   In their debut book, Eat Clean, Play Dirty, the duo delivers delicious recipes and reinvigorating rituals to achieve nutritional ... read more

Sakara Life: Eat Clean, Play Dirty



Cake is about so much more than just flavour. Cake is history, nostalgia, cultural DNA and therapy. Cake is also theatre. The visual forms of cake speak a language of their own. Inspired by their place of origin (Black Forest Cake, Hummingbird Cake, V&i... read more

The Art of the Cake

Healthy, delicious recipes from one of the nation's leading nutrition experts Looking and feeling our best has more to do with what we eat and drink than anything else. With Joy Bauer's Superfood , the Today show nutritionist and #1 New York Times bestselling author... read more

Superfood! - Joyful Recipes for Eternal Youth

- A richly photographed and detailed compendium, filled with a smorgasbord of inspiring features of interior design strategies and branding concepts for a wide variety of stores, including bakeries, patisseries, and caf s; restaurants a... read more

The Food Store - 50+ Stunning Interior Designs and Branding Concepts

Sabor Sabor is a beautifully illustrated modern Spanish cookbook that will inspire a new appreciation of Spanish flavours and techniques. While participating in the competition Masterchef Holland in 2015, Sandra received a lot of attention for her Spanis... read more

Sabor Sabor - Sensational Spanish Flavors

-A family-friendly cookbook, introducing nutritious vegan recipes that will entice kids and their families to eat healthier food together -Written by a noted food blogger and cookbook author Vegan cooking is more popular than eve... read more

Everyday Vegan - Healthy Plant-Based Cooking for the Entire Family

A truly international collection containing 101 of the most delicious veggie recipes to cook on the grill.
The sun's out, your friends are coming over, the fridge is full of crisp whi... read more

101 Vegetarian BBQ and Grill Recipes: Amazing Meat-Free recipes for Vegetarian and Vegan BBQ Food
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More than 60 recipes for vegan snacks guaranteed to satisfy your cravings as well give your body both instant fuel and long-term health-enhancing nutrition.
It's time to quit processed convenience snacks full of... read more

Vegan Snacks and Munchies - Moreish Plant-Based Nibbles, Dips and Bites

75 satisfying plant-based recipes for comfort food from around the world. A food-lover and keen traveler, Jackie Kearney became a favorite MasterChef UK finalist in 2011 thanks to her creative approach to vegetarian and vegan cooking that took ins... read more

My Vegan Travels: Comfort food inspired by adventure
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 Cooking Country

Filipino food is having its moment. Sour, sweet, funky, fatty, bright, rich, tangy, bold--no wonder adventurous eaters like Anthony Bourdain consider Filipino food "the next big thing." But so do more mainstream food lovers--Vogue declares it "the next g... read more


Make 100 easy, perfectly cooked meals using your Instant Pot® sous vide!   Using a vacuum-sealed bag and temperature-controlled, circulating water, a sous vide cooks food gradually, making it e... read more

The Instant Pot® Ultimate Sous Vide Cookbook - 100 No-Pressure Recipes for Perfect Meals Every Time

Enjoy healthier, delicious versions of all of your favorite plant-based foods made with one of the hottest kitchen appliances on the market. Air fryers create the delicious crunch of fried foods without all the o... read more

The Complete Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook - 150 Plant-Based Recipes for Your Favorite Foods