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What does it mean to live wisely and well in the twenty-first century? And how should we go about doing it? These are the most important questions to ask ourselves and the ones we most often avoid dealing with. This insightful, wit... read more

The School of Life: An Emotional Education

From Socrates to Carl Jung and Descartes to Daniel Dennett, this illustrated book brings together the threads that have made up psychology, from the musings of the Ancient Greeks to the findings of functional MRI scanning. Explained in a concise and easy-to-understand manner, it explores various ke... read more

Psychology: From Spirits to Psychotherapy: the Mind through the Ages

A cutting-edge examination of what it means to be human and to have a 'self' in the face of new scientific developments in genetic editing, cloning and neural downloading.
After seeing his own cells use... read more

How to Grow a Human - Adventures in Who We Are and How We Are Made

 In "Cohousing for Life", architect Robin Allison describes her journey from lonely mother of two in the suburbs to determined driver of the development of New Zealand's first cohousing community. It is a very personal story... read more

Cohousing for Life: A Practical and Personal Story of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood

Take Your Space: the 2020 How-to book for all women, by Jo Cribb and Rachel Petero. Take your pick of how-to from real life experiences, there is something for everyone. Topics include: How to negotiate; finding your wor... read more

Take Your Space: Successful Women Share Their Secrets


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Meet kids - just like you - taking action against climate change. Learn about the work they do and discover how the future of our planet starts here... with you.

Old Enough to Save the Planet
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Series:Lonely Planet Ser.

Witnessing the sweep of the Milky Way, the remains of comets burning up in our atmosphere, or the shimmering aurora, we better understand the universe and our place in it. Lonely Planet's Dark Skies, the first world's guide to astrotou... read more

Dark Skies: A Practical Guide to Astrotourism (Lonely Planet)

With opioid dependency at epidemic levels, Catherine Browne, a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, provides an accessible and practical g... read more

Natural Therapies for Opioid Dependency - Control Pain and Recover from Addiction with Herbs, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Nutritional Supplements
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Learn why you develop insomnia, anxiety and depression. Discover why these three conditions occur together and how to alleviate them without reaching for pills. Fibromyalgia is also explained in this book. This book is full colour gloss and easy to read.

Brain Connections: How to Sleep Better, Worry Less and Feel Happier
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The Night Sky Explorer contains all the information and equipment the aspiring astronomer needs to get started. The hardback case contains two separate pocket size books, designed to travel with you on star gazing trips: • Mapping the Skies includes maps of the major con... read more

The Night Sky Explorer


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Reading Level:4 Non Fiction

Known as the 'four horsemen' of New Atheism, these four big thinkers of the twenty-first century met only once. Their electrifying examination of ideas on this remarkable occasion was intense and wide-ranging.
Everything that was said ... read more

The Four Horsemen: Dawkins, Harris, Dennett & Hitchens