A beautiful, intimate and inspiring investigation into how we can find and nurture within ourselves that essential quality of internal happiness - the 'light within' that Julia Baird calls 'phosphorescence' - whic... read more

Phosphorescence: On Awe, Wonder and Things That Sustain You When the World Goes Dark


 Self Help

Reading Level:very good
Awards:Winner of Nautilus Award (Inspirational) 2007.

The tenth anniversary edition of the book that changed lives in profound ways. In 2005, a groundbreaking feature-length movie revealed the great mystery of the universe -- The Secret. In 2006, Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestseller. Everything you have ev... read more

The Secret

History's most fabulous, revered, and sassy women provide wise counsel about modern life's romantic complexities, from dating apps, to feminist conundrums, and how not to give a f*ck. In her punchy new book, bestselling author Jenni... read more

We Came First - Relationship Advice from Women Who Have Been There?


 Self Help

In her international bestseller Strong Is the New Pretty (with 329,000 copies in print), the photographer Kate T. Parker changed the way we see girls by showing us their truest selves--fearless, messy,... read more

The Heart of a Boy

THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER'Brilliant for anyone wanting a better understanding of mental health' ZOE BALL'This amazing book will change your life' ELTON JOHN'Eye-opening' GUARDIAN 'Brilliant, stimulating, ra... read more

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions

Written in an accessible and humorous style, this book teaches you to know what's going on in your mind and how to get your feelings under control. It'll help you adapt and feel better about your place in the world.
Psychologist Gwe... read more

The Book of Knowing: Know How You Think, Change How You Feel


 Self Help

Series:A\No F*cks Given Guide Ser.

A New York Times bestseller. From the author of the bestselling book everyone is talking about, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k. How to stop worrying about what you should do, so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do. Ever find... read more

Get Your Sh*t Together


 Self Help

All the author's royalties and net proceeds from this book will be donated by Beatnik Publishing to UNICEF NZ for the Syrian Refugee programmes in Lebanon. HOPE chronicles UNICEF NZ's visit to the Saadnayel and Oumarieh Informal Refugee Settlement in Lebanon, where 3 mill... read more

Hope: In the Hands of Fatima

It's frustrating to come home to an untidy house isn't it? Despite the numerous attempts to tidy and declutter your house, it always returns to its original untidy form isn't it? This book contains stress free steps and strategies to keep clutter away for your entire life. It teaches you how to organi... read more

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Epitome: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

An invaluable collection of real life stories of cancer, representing a wide range of circumstances that will provide comfort and help for families facing cancer.
Unbreakable Spirit is a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of cancer. It tells the true stories of people wh... read more

Unbreakable Spirit: Facing the Challenge of Cancer in New Zealand


 Self Help

I didn’t just wake up one day understanding how to take care of myself. I had to learn how to do so over time, and I continue to learn—each and every day. This is a process, and my body is constantly changing. So is yours. And when I learned how to accept that I will always be like this, I relaxed. Ou... read more

Happy -  Kate Hudson Lifestyle Book

Spark Joyis an in-depth, line illustrated, room-by-room guide to decluttering and organising your home, from bedrooms and kitchens to bathrooms and living rooms as well as a wide range of items in different categories, including clothes, photographs, paperwork, books, cutlery, cosmetics, shoes, bags, ... read more

Spark Joy: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising: an Illustrated Master Class